Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Saving Lives

So I know I've already posted today but I've just seen another story that has captured my interest

According to this survey, the main reasons for people not donating organs are
> Concerns about how hard doctors will work to save the patient if they are an organ donor
> Concerns about how the body will be treated during organ removal

I am really saddened by the fact this is stopping people from signing up. I think this shows there is still so much work to do on educating people about organ donation.

The first one I find hard to comprehend since it shows such a lack of faith in the medical profession. I don't understand the cold view of Doctors, they are in a caring profession and they want to do their best for the patient.

Also it shows many people don't understand the system, the team that treats a possible organ donor have nothing to do with the person waiting for transplant or the organ donation team. Their responsibility is their patient alone. On a human level, I'm sure Doctors want what is best for their patient and want to save their life. Even on a cold, professional level Doctors get ratings on their patient care and so the last thing they want is patients dying. Bottom line is Doctors do everything possible to save the patient and organ donation is a last resort.

The reason I understand more is not wanting to think about death. It's hard to think about dying and even harder to talk to your family about it. But the fact is, families on the other side don't have a choice, people waiting for organs have to think about their own death and talk to their family about it, you doing it might just mean they don't have to die waiting.

So please don't let these concerns stop you signing up and saving lives.


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