Thursday, 5 February 2009

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

My first topic of interest?

The snow that has covered the UK!

Personally I enjoyed a lovely snow day but it seems not everyone was quite so delighted-

I was really quite saddened to read these articles. Why must the press in this country, make a misery out of something that provided a very fun few days for those of us who can kick back and have fun?
I didn't see chaos and misery and inconvinience in the snow, a few of the things I saw in the early days of this week were -

> Families spending quality time with each other
(time spent out in the fresh air running around, rather than sat round a tv)
> Old friends who haven't seen each other meeting up to forget any worries or issues and have a good time
> People who needed a day off work having some fun and relaxing safe in the knowledge no one else was working
> People walking (or preferably sledging!) everywhere instead of relying on cars

Aren't these all things we should encourage and rejoice?

I appreciate some people's work or travel plans may have been disrupted but when we get this chance so rarely to have a day focused around fun rather than the credit crunch, surely it's worth it for all the things mentioned above?

Let me know your thoughts



PS- whilst finding articles for this post I came across this serious story

Got to love the maturity of The Sun's serious media coverage ;)

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