Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Dawkins vs The Banana man

Apparently the guy in this video (please watch, it's hilairious) has offered Richard Dawkins $10,000 to have a debate

Dawkins replied saying he'll do it for $100,000, to be donated to the Richard Dawkins Fund and if he can film it to be made into a DVD if it's funny enough.

Personally I would love to see Dawkins take down the Bananman, but I think this person has already destroyed his theory-

I know people have very mixed opinions on Dawkins, even some atheists think he expresses things in the wrong way. Personally, I like him. I think he's very intelligent and well spoken. As for criticisms of him as a 'militant atheist' I think there's some truth in that but I think that's what Atheism needs. Christianity has been preaching and getting publicity for centuries and I think it's about time an atheist spoke up and got attention.

I'm hoping the Bananman gives him the $100,000 and even more so, I'm hoping Richard brings along a wild banana and pauses the debate to offer him some, I would love to see the response.


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