Friday, 3 April 2009

Give Life

Was really frustrated to find this website-

Ok so some people don't want to transplant their organs but setting up a site to actively discourage it? I find that disgusting considering the thousands of people that die each year waiting for organs.

I can understand why some people don't like the idea of it, I have seen it from the other side and it's certainly not an easy decision to make. But if you take the time to look at the effects of it and the people who wouldn't be here today without organ donation I really think people would put aside those feelings and donate.

One of the stories I have recently been aware of is an 11 month old little boy waiting for a liver and bowel transplant. He has lived in hospital all his life but luckily he received his transplant this week. There is still the recovery process to go but if that goes smoothly, he will finally get to go home and live his life. I think when people think about organ donation they don't imagine children waiting on the list, perhaps it's time to change this perception.

Donate Wales seems to be working on this idea
I wasn't sure about this advert when I first saw it but I was quite choked up at the end. I like the fact it reminds people there are children waiting too and also what the waiting process is about.

I think people don't realise that most people waiting are bound by dialysis or oxygen, hospital visits, various health problems and symptons which generally get progressively worse during the wait. Also people don't go on waiting forever and so many die waiting.

Please consider signing the organ donor register-

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PS- Just watched 'Supernanny' which featured the most horrendous child I have ever seen who constantly screamed at and hit her parents. Must admit, for the first time ever I thought "I would be tempted to hit her back!"
(please note- star does not actually condone child abuse)
I know it's generally due to a lack of discipline by the parents (one incident was in the car, I would have pulled over and told her to get out!) but I really was horrified a child can be so nasty, where did she learn that behaviour from? Worrying.

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